Your Worth, My Dear, Is Incalculable

This is a poem for my daughter, really any one of the three of them, and my son, but inspired by that time a daughter doubted her worth.

It starts out imagining that first race she won – the X chromosome sperm that beat all the other X and Y chromosome sperm in that infinitesimal race.

She is one in ten-million already, as every human being is:


You my dear won the race,

you did it my dear; your sweet face,

your first challenge, was to beat the rest,

that’s why, my dear, you are already the best!


When we first discovered that you were on your way,

our excitement, truly indeed, we could not keep at bay,

ever since then, you’ve been our impassioned choice,

and there’s nothing better now than to hear your bubbly voice.


Your life for us, every day of it, has always been good news,

even though we understand not all of it you would choose,

and even if we tell you, again and again and again,

we understand just why you find this life’s a drain.


Yet having said all that, please don’t be unaware,

that we still wish to shower you with all our loving care,

without despairing despondency take life a day at a time,

it’s the only way through a life you must hope to climb.


The older we get, the more we cannot fail to see,

how verily enriched, because of you, our lives have come to be,

so please always consider that whenever you doubt your worth,

we’ve thanked God Almighty ever since the hour of your birth.


Finally, above all, when all is said and done,

our chief hope for you is that you can say you’ve won,

and as you look back one day, upon these hard days of pain,

our hope for you is that you’ll feel the sunshine after all the rain.


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